Battle Creek Boys

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We hate KP or “kitchen patrol.”  Wash your own dang dishes!

Ralph first joined the Battle Creek Boys from Battle Creek Michigan where he was in medical school. But being adventurous and fearing the war might end soon, he joined the understrength Princeton University Bantam Boys while training at with the United States Army Ambulance Corps in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was immediately accepted and left for Europe shortly thereafter. Several weeks later the Battle Creek Boys shipped to France behind him.

Below are the names and addresses of Ralph’s Battle Creek Boys. This is how they signed his diary at a huge Red Cross party in France in October of 1917.Much wine was shared and stories were swapped!

I removed any street numbers so current residents of those addresses would avoid curiosity seekers.

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Do French enlisted men complain so much?

If they no complain, we assume they are dead.

Keith Schroder  Fremont St.  Battlecreek     James B. Baker  North Ave.  Battlecreek

Daniel L.  Sageant  c/o Sanitarium   Clarence Olsen   Clark Street  Neenah, Wis.

Edward A Moore   E. Michigan St.  Marquette, Mich.    Elmer M. Noyro   Cedar Street   Marquette,  Mich.

Ladd T.  Rattenbury   E. Cass Street  Cadillac, Mich.    Geo. D. Hickman  Pennfield, Mich  RFD #5

Horace W. Mechen    Majale St.  Battlecreek Mich    Geo.  W.  Toeller   Freemont St.  Battlecreek Michigan

Charles Beyers  c/o San  Battlecreek  Mich.    Gus Hart   c/o  San  Battle Creek   Mich

George Miller  Battle Creek Mich    Henry B. Muldery  Zeeland Michigan #117

John H. Hoeketra   Hanover St  Battle Creek Mich    H.P Myler  N. Jeff.  Battle Creek Mich

Otis A. Ketcham  East Ave. So.  Battle Creek Mich    Schuyles Heilner  Harvard City Michigan

Joseph M. Boos Battle Creek Mich    Carelton G. Geneback Battle Creek Mich

Fred L. Strong Battle Creek Mich      LaVern A Weickgenant  Battle Creek Mich

A. L. McComas  Branchland  West VA.     James R. Wells   Howard St.  Battle Creek

Wm.  M. Miller   Chicago Ill    Afton Phillips   Ann Ave  Battle Creek

Billy William   Milwakee  Wisc    Phil Brewer  Battle Creek

DeVille Hubbard Mashall Mich    Clarence E Thorne  Cadillack Mich

Franz J.  Toeller  Battle Creek    Rex J. Brown  Battle Creek

Geo. H. Hickwam  No. Division St  Battle Creek    George I. Butler  Manchester St.  Battle Creek

J. Authur Redner   Fremont St.  Battle Creek    Donald Hoelkel  Marshall Mich

Authur C. McHart  Seymour St.  Lansing Mich    G.M Spatitalis  Battle Creek

Chas. N Pouton  Sherman Wesford Co  Mich    William E.  Dunlap  Battle Creek

Carelton S. Ellsworth   Oneida St.  Battle Creek    Morris H. Tichenar   Lash St  Battle Creek

R.K Cunningham   Harmon St  Marshall Mich    R. Donay   Ravenna Mich

Carey L Roberts  Gobles Mich    Leon D. Jones  N. Wash.  Battle Creek

Jospeh J Rohimove    J.K Klonskey   Carolina Freeway New York    Daylight Lemon

W. Chester Rasmussen   Wright St. Oskosh, Wisc     

Leroy F. Sparks   Marian St.  Columbia S.C.

Paul d.  Holder  E. Jackson St  Battle Creek    Stt. Walker  N. Jay St.  Battle Creek

Edwin O. Ashley  Okego Michigan    W. C. Adams  Battle Creek

J,. Clarence Soutose   N. Huron St  Ypsilanti, Mich    Clanence L Andre  Battle Creek

A.E. Shultz   Rumsey Ave. Lansing Mich    H.H. Baves  Mary St.  Battle Creek

C.F. Tuttle  Oyster River West Hanover Conn.    Chas. Don Palm  East Lansing, Mich

Claude Eppley  Lansing Mich    Leo R Wolff  Lansing Mich        


IMG_0756Dinner time!

J. Harold Stevens Lansing Mich    V.E Boyd  Lansing Mich

Carl M. Austin  Kalamazoo Mich    R. T. Dobberteen, Stugis Mich

Leighman M. Bright  Battle Creek    Roy S. Westerman  Battle Creek Mich

A.F. Bloese  Battle Creek    Roger B. Kellogg  B.C.

G. Raymond Derby,  Battle Creek    Harry D. MacCreery  Stockbridge Mich

J. Frank Stapleton, Washington D.C    Robert I. Baker  Albrair Mich

Taylor P. Reynolds  Booneville KY     O. Wesley 

Haley G. Melvin  Battle Creek    Russell F. Estell   Battle Creek

Ray L. Henrich  Battle Creek    Loran J. Clay  Battle Creek

Nils Ol Byland  Battle Creek    Theodore R. Cox  Marshall Mich       

Wm Dale Horeful  Marshall Mich    D Hubbard  Marxhall Mich       

C. A Werner BCM.    A. L French BCM

Lairg E. Paquette Cadillac Mich    J. E. Hodson Marquette Mich

R. H. Rerbel    BC       W. J. Morrison Jr.   BC         

J. P. Case   Marquette         L. B.  Benson B.C. M.         

H. B. Seager  Ferina Ill          John K Kellogg             

Frank A Allwaldt  BCM      Laurence H. Allwaldt  BCM 

 H. A. Rice  Blanche, Ky


Wash dishes or you be on KP for the rest of your lives!