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Private Heller and the Bantam Boys: An American Medic in World War I
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It was the top Must-Read on the New York Post for Thanksgiving week (Nov. 21, 2015).

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It was also reviewed by the US Army Office of Medical History in their Spring Newsletter #13, page 19 (PDF).  Here is the link to their site:

Private Heller and the Bantam Boys is the true story of a medical student, Ralph Heller, who joined the United States Army Ambulance Corps in 1917. Ralph and his fellow Princeton University Bantams suffered through a year of relentless trench warfare transporting hundreds of wounded and sick French soldiers on the Marne and Somme battlefields. Taking heavy casualties, Ralph and the Bantam Boys became one of the most highly decorated American ambulance groups of World War 1. This story is taken right from the pages of Ralph’s diary and is seen through the lens of his combat camera. This book reveals in stark detail the genuine life experiences of highly educated enlisted men during the most catastrophic warfare in human history. And it shows how they survived. An inspiring and anguished tale, it paints an intimate portrait of the triumphs and sorrows of a small band of America’s lost war heroes.

I placed 60 photographs, many from World War One, into the manuscript. The book 320 pages. The Kindle edition is 4.9MB.

My intrepid agent, Doug Grad, negotiated the offer from Lyons Press, an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield.




“An intriguing – and highly accurate – story about one the most important members of any combat team – the medic. For the injured, there is none more vital to survival. I recommend Private Heller to anyone with any interest in military operations.”
R. T. Browning, Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)

Private Heller and the Bantam Boys is thought-provoking, entertaining, educational, engaging and a reminder that, like now, war is hell.  It is through the action of men like Ralph and the Bantam Boys that the Red Cross today still commands such a high level of respect.”

Kathryn Forbes, Chairman, Audit and Risk Committee International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

“Private Heller is an open door to the past. The words in Ralph Heller’s tattered and war-torn journal spring to life, telling his life and death story of survival on the Western Front. From the comedy of learning to drive ambulances, to the devastation and heartbreak of losing friends in combat, this book delivers an up-close personal view of Private Heller’s experience as an ambulance driver during WWI.”

David L. O’Neal, WWI Preservation Collection, Military Historical Studies

… this is the best reference I have ever found on WWI, what the average soldier endured.

Joan Leotta, author of Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice and Secrets of the Heart.

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This book is the bomb!


–Okay, I’ll never be a comedy writer.



Mr. and Mrs. Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Heller


Ralph finally married his sweetheart.

(Note Ralph’s stylish semi-Mohawk haircut.)