The Screenplay

Private Heller and the Bantam Boys: An American Medic in World War I  is now a 120 page screenplay with the working title: All Dead on the Western Front. I wrote it using Final Draft 8 software employing industry standard format and scene notes. It is currently in a third generation polish. It differs from the book by emphasizing the love relationship between my grandfather and grandmother. Through added scenes of my grandmother at Camp Upton, Long Island, New York, we see how the stress of war tears them apart then brings them together for a climatic final scene. And a factually true happy ending.



A dead German stormtrooper.

A dead German storm trooper.



A misty shroud embraces a mustard gas tainted, artillery ravaged wasteland where nothing appears alive. FLASHES of artillery fill the screen. BOOMS rock the earth. Mud flies.


Speeding into view Private RALPH HELLER, 26, a filthy, anxious, American medic, is struggling to steer his M1917 Ford ambulance on what looks like a thin, slimy cattle trail.
SUPERSCRIPT: 25 June 1918. South of the Marne River, France
SEVEN filthy, wounded FRENCH SOLDIERS are crammed into the back of the ambulance. TWO in dirty, tattered uniforms cling to the dual running boards. ONE SOLDIER, bleeding profusely from a bandaged facial wound, sits on the passenger seat bobbing his head with every nasty pothole the ambulance HITS.
With a southern Ohio accent, a lightweight Tennessee DRAWL, Ralph screams at the Soldier on the left running board.


Get off my machine. You ain’t hurt!

IMG_0710Approaching Germans and poison gas on the battlefield.

And it only gets better from there…

Interested film production professionals may contact me via email at the following address:

alldeadonthewesternfront at

Or email me and I’ll put you in touch with my agent if you prefer.

I’d like to be cast as the German sergeant who saved my grandfather’s life.  It is a very small part with merely three lines in German.

So only native speakers will know if I screwed it up!

It’s no big risk to you for a great, true story. (And having Ralph’s grandson will look great in the credits. )

Credit examples:

Drunk German Captain…………………….Heinz Jaegermeister

Surrendering German…………..Hans Uppin

Dead German………………………..Hans Downe

German Sergeant with terrible accent…………..Gregory Archer

I am a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and have made numerous commercials and industrial movies.

I will also provide original photos of the real life Bantams to match with the actors in final credits.

That’s a great way to get the audience to watch credits roll.



You can get a copy of the book at Amazon:


IMG_0901           Brilliant idea, old boy!  Something for the cinema!